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The Krillest is a private member organization for rare and uncommon creatures who are manifesting impact through Web3.

  • Member #21
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  • Elder #11
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The Krillest Member #21

Krillest Membership NFTs can only be minted by those who have submitted an application and been approved to join.

Current applications to The Krillest:


Background Image Rabbit

Membership Types

Icon LIFETIME Membership

Member NFT, ANNUAL Membership

Icon ETHereum2.0 ETH

Limited Annual Quantities

Annual membership require a re-up payment each year. Annual membership fees will be a variable cost based on the floor price of the Lifetime Membership

    Icon LIFETIME Membership

    Member NFT, LIFETIME Membership

    Icon ETHereum5.0 ETH

    2,100 Available

    • Lifetime access to The Krillest. Annual membership tokens will expire after 12 months.
    • Belong to a hand-picked organization of leaders and aspirational dreamers committed to manifesting impact through Web3.
    • Access to private nomadic clubhouses around the world and once-in-a-lifetime Krillest Member Experiences.
    • Access to buy and sell within The Krillest NFT Marketplace ecosystem.

    Icon Elder LIFETIME Membership

    Elder NFT, LIFETIME Membership

    Icon ETHereum15.0 ETH

    225 Available

    • All of the benefits of a Member Token holder
    • x1 Annual Membership airdrop to gift or resell
    • Exclusive DAO participation and governance
    • Special participation in The Krillest Treasury

    Background Image Rooster

    Auction / Special Drops

    From special philanthropic Elder token releases to Member projects and Exclusives, The Krillest Marketplace is built to support auctions, dynamic selling engagements and enhanced member resell functionality. We will be launching these features in the near future. Stay tuned.